Let's face it, some people at the gym are annoying. It can be a case of hogging up the machines or not wiping sweat off. Some do not even realize they do it, but here is a list of the most annoying things people do at the gym. You will most certainly be able to relate to some of the items listed. And if you're doing any of these, it's time to stop and read why it could make you that "girl" or "guy" at the gym.


 10. Unsuitable, outdated and sexy clothing

Women need not wear revealing or skimpy clothes at the gym.  If you’re looking for that kind of attention you should be someplace else. Men should wear clean shirts. Avoid white tees and a-shirts (aka “Wife beaters”) 
which will develop lovely yellow stains.Gym clothes from the 80s should definitely not be worn now!

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9.  No Towel / Not wiping off sweat

If you are a member of a public gym – you are sharing machines with others. If your sweat is on the machine after using it, be sure to wipe it down. If your gym doesn’t give you towels, bring a washcloth. It promotes cleanliness.

wiping gym equipment sweat








8. Socializing / Wasting time
Socializing at the gym can be fun, but do not hold others up while doing it. Socialize away from equipment to avoid delaying others. Don’t stand in front of the water fountain trying to get a date. Remember, many members want to socializing gym annoying things people doworkout and get out









7. Using your mobile phone

Mobile phones are unavoidable today – but at the gym, they can be annoying. You can hold others up while speaking on the phone or just be rude by speaking out loud. Need to take a call? Want to check your email? Do it in a lounge area or outside. For some, gyms are a place to let go and relax.  Avoiding your phone at the gym will make your workout go faster and make your more productive. Otherwise, you'll only work out the muscles in your arm holding your phone!

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6. Standing or working out in front of the free weight rack
Perhaps one of my biggest rants. Every gym has a weight rack – when you are using weights, grab them, and then proceed to move away from the rack. Please don’t stand directly in front of the rack, blocking access to it.annoying things gym standing in front of weight rack








5.  Not putting weight plates back

Most gyms have a policy about this one, but few follow it. If you are using a barbell or a leg press machine, be sure to remove the weights you’ve used. Most people do not want to have their workout consist of putting weight plates back and find this highly annoying. I've have seen the leg press machine with 800 pounds of plates left on it. Removing most of that is a workout in itself!

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4.  People who stink

Don’t use deodorant? Start. If the deodorant you use doesn’t work, upgrade to a stronger brand.  Please do not visit the gym if you haven't showered recently either. 

smelly body odor











3.  Unnecessarily being naked in the locker room

For those readers whose gym has a locker room with showers. You should only need to be naked in the locker room while drying. During all other times, you should be clothed, at least partially. Want to be naked all the time? Visit agym naked annoying things nudist colony.









2.  Dropping your weights on the ground
What do you think this is – your basement? Dropping the weights is a wuss thing to do. You either have control of the weights or you do not. If they are that heavy, lift less. Exceptions are for those doing max weights, but even this should be a rare occurrence. The last thing you want to do is have a pair of dumbbells land on your toes or someone else’s and be responsible for a hospital visit - or a hole in the floor. 

exercise weights on floor











1. Grunts and moans
This isn’t the jungle. Some say it’s beneficial, but last time I checked we are civilized. Instead, concentrate on your breathing. Save the grunts, moans, and screams for a roller coaster or your significant other. Some gyms have a policy against this! Exhale during the difficult part of the exercise and inhale during the recovery portion of the movement.

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