Is Creatine Safe? Should I Try It?

If you're interested in building more lean muscle mass and making the most out of your workout program, there's a very good chance that you've become interested in what all creatine has to offer.  Creatine is currently one of the more popular muscle building supplements on the market and is used regularly by both those who are striving to build more lean muscle tissue as well as those who are looking to lean down and further define their body.

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Build Muscle Fast

There are countless exercise machines and proprietary workout plans that promise to help people build muscle fast. Whatever the promises made, building muscle fast isn’t about a one-size-fits-all routine or an expensive machine; instead, quickly building muscle comes down to building a personalized plan that revolves around four things: diet, supplements, exercise and rest.

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Vegetarians Can Build Muscle

Contrary to popular belief gaining muscle through a vegetarian diet is not impossible. For our muscles are composed of 70% water, therefore all you need to do in order to gain muscle is have a caloric surplus and eat the right foods so as to control your fat intake.

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