Being sick can shakeup your schedule - especially if you’re trying to keep up with an exercise routine. As I write this, I currently have a stuffy nose and the occasional sneeze. But it hasn’t kept me from going to the gym. There are some rules of thumbs on when to stay home and when it’s fine to hit the gym. 


The “above-the-neck” symptom rule is by far the most popular way to determine if you are alright to visit the gym – if you’re symptoms are only above the neck, such as a occasional cough or sneeze, or runny nose, you will probably be fine with light exercise.exercising-while-sick-gym-fitness-health-club

If you’re symptoms are below the neck such as muscle cramps and aches, chills, intestinal issues, or worse yet a fever – stay home. Exercising on a fever can be dangerous as your body needs all available resources to get better. Once, I had a walking pneumonia which shows little symptoms – luckily, I was diagnosed with it, since exercising with one can cause it to become even worse. If you feel really sick, just get some rest so that you can get better. Don’t worry, the gym isn’t going anywhere!

The bottom line is to see how you feel and if you do decide to exercise, make it a easy workout where your body will benefit rather than land you at the emergency room. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently so you don’t spread your lovely germs to others – and stay away from me! 

Stress can get your sick more often - if going to the gym is stressful, try using our Gyms Near Me feature to find a closer gym. 

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