The first type of workout that you will likely come across is the full body workout. This type of workout is often utilized by those who are just getting started with their workout sessions since it only calls for you to be in the gym a total of three days a week. This workout is also a great option for those who want to see great results from their sessions but don't have a lot of time to dedicate towards the gym.

Full Body Workout Plan

During this set-up you'll be hitting each and every muscle in the body, mostly utilizing compound exercises to make this happen. By selecting these exercises you'll work multiple muscle groups at once therefore reducing the need to include more than five or six different exercises per session. Full body workouts are also great for fat loss purposes because since you'll be working the whole body each workout, you'll really be burning up a lot of calories in the process.

Moving on, the second of the different types of workout plans to cover is the upper/lower body workout plan. This one is going to have you doing one upper body workout on one day, then following that with a lower body workout the next before taking a day off on the third.

Once you've had your day off, then you hit the gym again to complete another two day cycle of upper/lower body workouts before taking the weekend off to rest.

This type of set-up is nice since you'll still hit the muscles twice per week but it also allows for a bit more specialization. Since you only have to target half the body in each session you do, this means you can devote a few more exercises total to each region.

For those who also prefer to hit the gym a little more often, this design works very well.

The third of our different workout plans to build muscle is the body part split workout. With this workout set-up you'll be just working one or sometimes two muscle groups in each workout session.


This also often means you'll only hit each muscle group once per week as you do still need to have one to two days to rest.

Usually these workouts are best done by those who are mostly looking to bring up a lagging muscle group and need to devote a lot of time in a single session to that muscle in question.

Note though that this workout tends to be one of the least effective because of the fact that it simply doesn't have you working the muscles at a high enough frequency (hitting the muscle twice per week is more ideal, three times even better), so most people should gear away from this approach.

You also won't burn up as many calories for each workout session, apart from maybe the legs workout, so for fat loss purposes it's definitely not ideal either.

Finally, the last workout that you may come across is the basic bodyweight workout. This workout set-up is good for those who want to workout in a home gym and who don't have a lot of equipment to use.

Bodyweight workouts will be created using exercises that are going to just use your bodyweight to complete them so also often target your balance and agility ability as well.

Just do note that since you don't have that high outside resistance like you would with a gym workout, maximum strength development won't happen during a bodyweight workout so if that's your goal, you really should consider a gym based workout instead.

So there you have the types of different types of workout plans to consider. If you are sure to make the right choice for your individual needs, this is going to go a long way towards making sure you get the results you're after.

While we recommend proper stretching for anyone going to the gym and a proper warm-up, stretching becomes more essential as you age. 

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