Love fitness and being at the health club? Managing a gym might be great job for you! With the right mix of skills plus an affinity for fitness and exercise could make it a rewarding career. As wellness trends continue to be very popular, there is always a need for professionals to manage a fitness club and all of its functions.

Why the need for gym manager or fitness club manager?

An average size gym has many components to make it operate successfully. Think about your gym or health club as a business - the gym manager must help coordinate the day to day operations which include maintenance, new member marketing and sales, staff and classes and general business management to name just a few! Read below for a more detailed look at their job and what they do!

gym manager job

Here is a more detailed list of gym manager responsibilities and job description:

  • Staffing: Manage the recruitment and staff onboarding to properly staff the health club. This includes front-desk staff, salespersons, personal trainers, class instructors, cleaning and maintenance crews. The gym manager also needs to manage scheduling of gym staff. Comply and be familiar with basic labor laws. Keep employees motivated is another key area of staffing.

  • Fitness club atmosphere: Develop and manage an environment that attracts and retains gym members with a focus on customer service. This includes the décor of the gym, and general design. Some national gym chains will provide guidance on this, while independently owned gyms may look to the gym manager for guidance and management.

  • Open/lock the doors: Manage the opening and closing of the gym – you will likely be involved in at least one or the other, unless you have assistant gym managers.

  • Cleanliness: While you will have staff to work on this, you must inspect and supervise them to ensure things are getting done. Gym members strongly dislike dirty gyms, and the environment of a gym lends itself well to germs and complaints to the health club manager! A gym with a swimming pool will require knowledge of chemicals to keep the pool suitable for swimming.

  • Marketing: You will create and manage marketing campaigns that help attract new gym members – a crucial function as every fitness club will lose members as part of normal attrition. You’ll also need to ensure staff is trained up on new promotions – such as your salespersons.

  • Financial management: As the gym manager, you will manage all finances, including monies received and their safe deposit, credit card revenue, equipment purchases, refunds, staff salary and expenses for marketing, utilities, and maintenance. Track gym business progress, including rate of member signup and loss.

Skill Requirements

As you can see a gym manager job requires diverse and broad skills; you’ll be effectively managing a complex business. You first and foremost want excellent customer service skills preferably within the fitness industry and familiarity with the fundamentals of exercise and fitness equipment. You will need to be a good listener, diplomatic and intuitive to determine customer needs and comfortably handle customer issues which will almost certainly happen regularly. You will need people and leadership skills to attract good talent, train them and manage them.

As a fitness club manager, you’ll also need to be comfortable using technology and software programs to manage gym membership, finances, and scheduling programs. Some experience with marketing platforms may also be helpful.

A person that enjoys fitness and people will do well in this job. Those that prefer to be behind a desk with little interaction with other people should not attempt this job.

Education Requirements of Fitness Club Manager

There are typically low minimal education requirements and many job postings we found only required a high school diploma – high end gym manager jobs may require a college degree in exercise sciences. CPR and heart defibrillators certification may be desired.

Gym Manager Salaries

A gym manager in the New York-New Jersey metro area reports a salary range from $41,000-$82,000. Jobs in areas with lower costs of living may be less. Premium gyms may pay higher, especially those which demand college degree or have large facilities and/or swimming pools.

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