Canceling a World Gym Membership is not easy, the gym is poorly rated by several consumer affairs websites on the web. We checked while writing this article on the website and it receives a score of  it is rated one star based on 94 ratings In this short article, we show you how to cancel a World Gym Membership if you are unhappy with the fitness club, are moving or need to cancel for whatever reason. 



Locate your Contract

You World Gym Contract will usually have information how to cancel your gym membership. Typically this involves calling a finance company or writing a letter. Be sure you to follow the steps exactly as written to ensure timely cancellation of your fitness club membership

Conditions of Cancellingworld gym cancel membership

Cancelling a gym contract usually requires that you have a health condition that prevents you from cancelling, or are moving a certain distance or further, typically 20 miles or more (each contract is different). If these conditions are not met you may have to pay off the remainder of your gym balance or complete the term. If you have a health condition ask your doctor for a note, which will greatly help your case. 

I Tried to Cancel my World Gym Membership with No Success!

Often times, members will have to wait a few weeks for the gym to respond to their cancellation request according to the reviews, this is common so it is crucial to follow all steps to cancel your gym membership as quickly as possible. 

If Nothing Works to Cancel Your Gym Membership and You Signed Up With You Credit Card

If you signed a contract and used your credit card to pay for your World Gym membership, and believe you qualify for a cancellation or have met the duration term - try calling your credit card company and filing a dispute. This will cause the credit card company to try and settle the issue saving you valuable time and if the gym doesn't respond the credit card company will the reverse charges! I've used this method several times with a variety of vendors with success. 

Prevention is Key!

Like many things in life, an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"! The best way to avoid dealing with canceling a World Gym membership is to carefully read your contract beforehand and consider all the policies. If you think you will be moving in a few months, then perhaps it is better for you to consider paying in cash or some other method that allows you to easily walk away without penalty or hassle. Some gyms offer month-to-month memberships and allow you to pay in cash - this is a great way to avoid cancellation woes. Fees may be higher but the hassle will be much less. 

If your gym does not offer cash options, consider a prepaid credit card that works just like a credit card. 



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