Everyone understands the basics of weight loss: decrease calorie intake, exercise regularly and you’ll lose weight at a steady pace. But even though everyone understands the basics of weight loss, many people still have trouble losing weight because they don’t stick to a steady exercise regimen and have trouble staying motivated.

Group classes: Peer pressure at its finest!

If you’re having difficulty adhering to your exercise routine or you simply don’t feel motivated, you might want to try taking group classes at your gym.

Many gyms offer group classes free to members or charge a small fee of $5 per class. They range from intense cardio workouts to grueling strength training sessions and everything in between so it’s possible to find a class for each aspect of your weekly workout.

For beginners, an important benefit of group classes is that they teach you technique. The strength training classes especially will teach you the correct form of all sorts of exercises from squats to tricep pushdowns.

spin classLearning proper technique is important when you’re just starting out because it will help you prevent injury and maximize the results of your workouts. Remember, improper technique can cause injuries that might set you back weeks or months in your exercise regimen and cause you to lose any progress you’ve already made. Besides teaching you proper technique, group classes provide you with a supportive atmosphere of individuals seeking the same weight loss goals as yourself. It can be a motivating environment that will keep you on the straight and narrow of your weight loss plan.

After all, the hardest part of losing weight is staying motivated and it’s difficult to slack off when you’re exercising with a group. They’ll help keep you accountable and set an example to keep you disciplined.

Not only is a group class a great way to stay motivated, it’s the perfect place to learn new weight loss techniques and tricks to help you on your path to a healthy body weight. Don’t forget, your instructor is also a great asset. Normally a trainer, class instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do.

Help with form and how to use machines and tools

If you have any questions about equipment or technique, it’s likely that they’d be willing to talk to you for a minute or two after class. Just don’t treat them like a personal trainer. If you need that kind of individual instruction, pay a trainer for his or her time.

All these things recommend group classes to people trying to lose weight but, most importantly, attending group classes gets you into a fixed schedule of exercise. One of the main problems people face in losing weight is that they don’t exercise enough or they follow an irregular routine.Group classes provide you with a rigid schedule and help you get used to working out at a set time every day.

So, if you’re having trouble losing weight by yourself or you’re just starting out, try attending group classes at your gym. They provide you with structure, keep you motivated and help you learn techniques that will prevent injuries and accelerate your progress.

Most gyms offer a good selection of cardio classes. If you haven't already joined a gym find one at reviewagym.com, where you can also read and write reviews about local fitness clubs.

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