I know what you are thinking - who would want an oil that smells like tobacco? It actually has many uses! But first, how is it created? Tobacco essential oil is created from the extract of tobacco leaves and normally originates from Bulgaria but can be from any region where tobacco is cultivated. It is common used in the production of colognes and perfumes to add warmth to scents. It also has many health benefits which we discuss below when applied topically or infused in the air. 

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We all know the feeling - your body feels off. You can feel tired despite having a great night's rest or you nose is a bit runny, your throat a bit scratchy or perhaps sore. These are early but suble signs that you might be catching a cold or the flu! We investigated natural cold & flu prevention remedies, including some do-it-yourself cleaners and items you can purchase to protect your family including a centuries old essential oil mixture alleged to protect against the bubonic plague!

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Not having access to a gym or home gym equipment is not a reason why one cannot improve his or her health and fitness. Whether you’re traveling and don’t have access to one or whether you’re too busy or wish to avoid gym membership fees, you can still be fit and healthy right at home (or away from home). With just a little space and with the help of several common items, you can work out your cardiovascular system and tone and strengthen your muscles, helping you achieve a healthier body without the need for huge gym equipment.

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Sweaty face is embarrassing - I am a victim of this and it comes and goes. Obviously many things can contribute to it but usually with a few EASY changes to your clothes, habits, and environment - you can overcome it - promise! Let's look at the causes and how you can minimize this from happening in the future! We will also look at some illnesses that could cause it and when to see a doctor!


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Whenever the idea of running my first ultra marathon comes into my mind, I think of one man, the Ultra Marathon Man named Dean Karnazes! For a long time, his amazing feats were so wild, I thought they were fictional! In fact, I was so sure it was not possible that I made myself check other sources for legitimacy. But it’s true. This amazing person has ran 350 miles non-stop (over three days straight, yes, with no stopping at all!), he also ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, and completed numerous desert courses (some as long as 135 miles in extreme temperatures). Who is this person, how does he do it, and why?

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