A New Year has arrived and during this time we reflect on what shortcomings we have and devise plans to address them. Losing weight is by far one of the most popular resolutions – gyms and fitness clubs often see record number of sign-ups during this time. If you are one of those persons with a newly minted goal of losing weight – read on to make sure you stick to it.

spin classFirst and foremost, congratulations on recognizing the need to be healthier. This is the first step in anything – losing weight will often make you more nimble, positive, and enhance your self-image. It can result in improving your relationships with yourself, others, and create new ones. It is great for relieving stress as well – have a bad day at the office? Make sure you go for a fifteen minute run later that day – it will melt away!

If you have never exercised before, it’s important to find a gym or health club that is supportive and easy for you to visit. This is of paramount importance, as any difficulty in traveling to the gym will often deter you from working out there long term. You’ll also want an environment where you’ll feel comfortable – as you are a new member, and often have ways to go before looking like a supermodel!

It is wise to read up on proper techniques, equipment, and workout programs before starting. The last thing you’ll want to do is injure yourself. Gyms with personal trainers are great, some will even offer you complimentary sessions upon signing up. A great book is The Gold's Gym Beginner's Guide to Fitness.

You may want to purchase a full-year membership in advance as well – not only will this often result in a discount, but it will push you to keep going as you have more invested. If you foresee moving soon, be sure to inquire about refunds or credits in those instances. Most gyms or fitness clubs will have some sort of policy depending on the distance moved to and some will allow you to transfer memberships to another location if applicable.

You can find a local gym in seconds using Reviewagym.com’s quick finder. You simply enter your zip code and the website returns local gyms in seconds. You can also read or write reviews about the gym once you have an idea about the environment.

Once you’ve joined the health club, be sure to visit frequently, set aside time for it, and develop a routine. Joining fitness classes are also recommended, as it is often motivating to work out with others. You can make new friends and bring old ones as well!

Finally, be careful on what you eat. Develop healthy eating habits and avoid fried, fast, and fattening foods. Avoid soda, alcohol and unhealthy snacks such as potato chips. Replace bad snacks with granola bars packed with whole grains and fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer.

In a few weeks, you’ll develop a liking to fitness and become addicted to working out (yes it will actually happen!). Enjoy your new self in 2012 and stay healthy friends.


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