Sweaty face is embarrassing - I am a victim of this and it comes and goes. Obviously many things can contribute to it but usually with a few EASY changes to your clothes, habits, and environment - you can overcome it - promise! Let's look at the causes and how you can minimize this from happening in the future! We will also look at some illnesses that could cause it and when to see a doctor!



Sweaty Face Causes and Remedies

Sweaty face can make your confidence go to zero fast! Not only can you feel the beads of sweat on your face, others will be able to see it if you sweat profusely. So what causes sweaty face and how can we take steps to reduce it? Well the following things can cause sweaty face:

  • Hot weather/temperatures
  • Excessive clothing
  • Unnatural/man-made clothing fibers
  • Stress or emotions
  • Certain foods
  • High elevation
  • Menopause
  • Exercise
  • Cosmetics and Deodorant
  • Medications and illness

 sweaty face

Hot Weather & Temperatures

It's not coincidence that warm weather and temperatures can contribute to sweaty face. It's just plain old hot! And our body perspires to help cool us down including on our face. If you live in a warm area, there may be few places you can go outside to cool off, but stay out of the direct sun, being in the shade can be significantly cooler. Besides being in an air conditioned building or car, you can also try to go to a high altitude area where temperatures drop of even a basement where temperatures are better regulated. 

Excessive Clothing

Too much clothing, especially layers are great when you are skiing or in some cold climate, but generally if you are sweating on your face often, you'll want to wear as few layers as possible. Men often make the mistake of wearing too many undergarments when they could just wear a shirt on its own reducing the trapping of heat. 

Unnatural/Man-made Clothing Fibers

The type of clothing you wear can have a strong impact on how much you perspire. Man-made fabrics like polyester or nylon don't breathe as well and can make you quite sweaty. Cotton on the reliable choice although when soaked with sweat or rain it doesn't dry fast so many "experts" will suggest polyester which draws away sweat, but I have a problem with this suggestion. If you get rid of the sweat then your body will not cool, forcing it to make more sweat! A vicious cycle will then begin! I prefer 100% cotton - here are some good clothing to try. And I recommend making sure you become a clothing label detective and make sure your clothes are using the right materials. Find cotton based clothes on Amazon.com


I admit, in a few job interviews, date proposals, I've gotten sweaty. And with that, my face gets sweaty. Especially the area right below my nose which is easily visible! If you notice stress triggers sweat, then you'll need to work at controlling stress and emotions - easier said than done for many! My girlfriend could fill a small pool with her sweat if asked to publicly speak. I found certain essential oils helped to control stress and keep me relaxed, this inexpensive spray helped me immensely!


Certain Foods

When I eat a hot bowl of soup - I sweat, a lot! It must be the higher temperature of the soup warms my body and then my body tries to cool down. Spicy food is also infamous for making you sweat so avoid it, or at least try to build tolerance to it. Any diary helps to cool spicy food in the body so make sure you have some on hand in case the food is too spicy! It is interesting to note that excessive sweating from eating spicy food while eating can damage a nerve that is linked to the parotid gland. If you sweat while eating and you are not eating sweaty food, see a doctor - this could be a sign of diabetes, an STD, neurological problems or tuberculosis. 

High Elevation

While higher altitudes typically involve cooler temperatures, there is a side effect of being somewhere high up. The amount of oxygen is less in the air, stressing the body. The air is also drier causing your body to sweat to keep it from over drying. It's best to increase altitude gradually and stay hydrated!


Menopause ois scary time for women - there are many changes going on in their bodies and an effect of them sometimes is face perspiration. Due to hormonal changes in the body, hot flashes and night sweats are common. It is advised to wipe your face with a cool towel, shower regularly, limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine and reduce intake of spicy foods while remaining hydrated. 


It shouldn't be a surprise that exercise will cause you to sweat - including on your face! We recommend wearing cool clothes, avoiding exercising when its really hot and staying hydrated. We suggest avoiding drinking from plastic bottles and buying a glass or stainless steel bottle. Here is our favorite:

Cosmetics and Deodorant

Wearing cosmetics blocks skin pores which prevents your body from sweating completely - this will force it to cool down by more actively perspiring in other areas, including your face! Some deodorants contain aluminum which is bad for your help and is too effective in blocking pores/sweat. We strongly suggest a natural alternative. The one I personally use that doesn't contain harmful ingredients and keep me dry and fresh is Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium. 

Medications and Illness

We hope that you are not ill and that is causing your face to sweat up but its important to be aware of these in case you've tried all else! Sweaty face is sometimes a cause of secondary hyperhidrosis. It is important to see a doctor for a full medical check up to rule out other factors before thinking you may have the illness. Secondary hyperhidrosis sometimes is an indicator of more serious health issues so if you are diagnosed with it, please take it seriously. There are treatment plans for it that your doctor will recommend. 

Conclusion: Sweaty Face is Not Uncommon

Sweaty face affects millions of people around the world - with a few small lifestyle changes you can drastically reduce how much your face perspires. If you suspect you have a medical issue, please consult a licensed medical professional for evaluation. Let us know what worked best for you in the comments.

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