If you're interested in putting on lean muscle mass, one thing that you must consider is the type of body shape that you currently have.  Often people will set a goal to be a certain size but may not realize that they may be somewhat limited by genetics. While this isn't to say that with a good workout program you can't overcome some of your genetic limitations, at the same time you do have to realize how your body is structured and what types of challenges you will be facing.Not only will learning your body type help you to better understand these things, but it's also going to allow you to formulate a workout program that is better matched to your own individual specific needs.


What Body Shape Am I?

Let's have a look at the main body shapes and types so you can see how your body decides your size.

The Ectomorph

how-your-body-decides-your-sizeThe first body type that you'll come across are those who are ectomorphs.  This body shape is often also called the 'skinny guy syndrome' because these people are very often very tall and lanky.  Try as they might, they have a very hard time putting on lean muscle mass.This body type is often very thin and highly strung and people with this body type naturally tend to gravitate towards endurance based sports such as distance running.  Since they do have very long legs in most instances, this allows them to cover a great distance very quickly with their low body weight helping them along.

If this is your body type, you will have to realize that you are going to be faced with numerous challenges to get really big. You definitely can build muscle if you focus on a very high calorie diet and lifting heavy weights with a low volume workout routine, but you may never look quite as muscular as someone who is naturally short and stocky.

The good news is though that with this build you will naturally always stay leaner so if you do manage to build up some muscle mass, you're going to look very defined as you do.

The Mesomorph

The second shape and type of body is the mesomorph. These people are those who tend to put on muscle very easily and are often just naturally muscular. This type of person really doesn't have very many limits when it comes to muscle building and they are only limited by how hard they work and how much they eat. If they want to get very large and have the ambition and work ethic to do so, they will very likely see success. In addition to this, this individual also tends to stay on the leaner side as well, so they really have everything working in their favor.

The Endomorph

Finally, the last body shape that must be considered is the endomorph. While the ectomorph is someone who is going to struggle to build up any body weight, the endomorph is the exact opposite. This type of body often puts on weight very easily but the drawback is that more often it's fat mass rather than lean muscle tissue. This person is usually of medium height and has a slightly higher body fat percentage and will find they have to work incredibly hard to lose body fat when that's their primary goal.

This individual will be able to build quite a bit of lean muscle mass if they work hard and use the right diet, but they must realize at the same time that they won't build muscle all that quickly because they simply cannot use high calorie intakes while doing so. Anything more than a slight calorie surplus for this person is very likely to lead to body fat gain so their approach to muscle building should be slow and steady. If they do this and take their time, they'll likely see far superior results and will not experience nearly the same amount of fat gain as they may have in the past when trying to build muscle mass.

Acceptance of Your Body Type(s) & Accepting What Body Shape I Am

So there you have the three main body types and how they will influence your shape and size. It should be noted most people are a mix of body types – no one person is only one body type, except in extreme cases. Don't become discouraged if you lean heavily towards one body shape that you'd prefer not to have; unfortunately there's nothing you can do to change this but with proper training and diet, you can overcome many of your hurdles and get your body reacting more like that of another type. 

We are all unique and a miracle at that - be grateful you are alive and work towards your goals, with hard work and determination you'll achieve!

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