Most people don’t consider strength training a key component of weight loss. Instead, people spend hours on treadmills and cut hundreds of calories out of their diet as part of a traditional and slow weight loss regimen.

Cardio is not the only way to lose weight!

But the problem with this approach to weight loss is that, when it finally produces the desired results, it still leaves you flabby and vulnerable to relapse and weight gain. But by incorporating strength training as an integral part of your weight loss program, it’s possible to lose weight faster, tone your body and increase the chances you’ll keep weight off once you’ve lost it.

First of all, I’m not talking about putting on pounds of muscle and bench-pressing your own body weight as integral parts of your weight loss program. Strength training to lose weight is about toning muscles through high rep, low intensity lifting regimens.

These lifting regimens will tone muscles and increase your muscle mass. Most importantly, this increase in muscle mass will increase your metabolism.The metabolism is an important part of losing weight because it influences how many calories you burn while resting.

Muscle speeds metabolism!

The more muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism and thus the more calories you burn when not weight-lifting-strength-training-lossactive. Not only will this increase in metabolism help you lose weight, it will also help you keep it off.As far as I’m concerned, this is the most important weight loss aspect of strength training because even when people lose weight through diet and cardio alone, they face a significant risk of putting the weight back on at a later date.

Of course, such strength training requires that you carefully watch your diet not just for calorie intake but also for nutrients. If you embark on even a limited regimen of strength training, you have to make sure that you’re ingesting enough protein to build muscle tissue.

Your strength training routine will have only a limited positive effect if you don’t consume enough protein and it will not generate enough muscle tissue to have the necessary effect on your metabolism.As long as you consume enough protein, your strength training routine will also help you eliminate pockets of fat that would otherwise remain on your body after you’ve lost weight. Remember, it is possible to reach your ideal body weight and still be flabby.

This is because cardio workouts and calorie suppression only help you lose weight, they don’t help you tone your body and it is for this reason that you can end up a flabby, skinny person after months of weight loss. Because it prevents such flabbiness, limited strength training is not only an important part of your weight loss plan but also the best way to attain the body you desire.

Losing weight requires a holistic approach of aerobic, anaerobic, and diet planning 

Basically, a weight loss plan of only cardio and calorie suppression will help you lose weight but it’s ultimately a short-sighted fox to your weight problem. Integrating strength training into your weight loss regimen will speed your metabolism (and thus your weight loss), burn more calories and help you resist weight gain down the road.

The best way to start strength training is at a gym with a wide variety of dumbbells and weights. If you haven't already joined a gym find one at, where you can also read and write reviews about local fitness clubs.

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