Compound exercises work several muscle groups at once, thereby building lean muscle faster. Besides building strength, these exercises aid in burning fat as they working varying levels of your muscle fibers. Instead of isolation exercises, where you only work one area at a time, these exercises will build your strength rapidly and thoroughly. They can also be used to workout more areas in a shorter amount of time.


This is very often the key difference between those who are seeing amazing results from their workout program and those who aren't. Often both individuals are putting the same amount of effort into their workout program but only one has a workout program that has been designed for maximum effectiveness.

Let's look at a few of the most effective exercises that you should know about.

gain mass get biggerSquats

The very first exercise that's an absolute must with your program is the squat.  Squats are so great because they are going to work every single muscle in the lower body as well as many of the muscles in the core as well. Therefore, each and every time you perform them you'll rapidly be burning up calories and moving that much closer to your goal. Squats are great for total strength development so if that's a goal you have, you'll see fantastic benefits.


Second on our list of the most effective exercises are deadlifts.  Like the squats, deadlifts are also going to work a number of muscle fibers all at once, therefore helping up the overall gains you experience. Deadlifts can be either performed with straight legs so they target the hamstring muscles to a larger extent or if you prefer, with bent legs so they target the body very similar to the squat. Whatever variation you choose to perform, you can be sure that you will see good results from having these within your workout program.

Bench Press

Moving on to the upper body, the bench press is another of the most effective exercises.  The bench press is going to work the pectoral muscles along with the shoulders, the triceps, and the biceps as well, so you can be sure that you'll get a good calorie burn from this one as well. The bench press can also be performed using many variations from flat bench press to incline or decline bench press, or with a closed grip bench press that will put more focus on the triceps muscle. This exercise is usually done to kickstart your upper body workouts so make sure that you're including it to help burn fat fast.


Since the bench press doesn't target the back muscles, we need to make sure that we also include one that does. Pull-ups can't be beat.  Since these are going to have you hauling your entire body weight, you can be sure that they'll definitely put you to a challenge. If you can't perform a single pull-up yet, have someone assist you by holding onto your lower legs and giving you a helpful push upwards in the right direction. If you start out doing this it will only be a matter of time before you can perform a full one on your own.

Barbell Rows

Another great back exercise to include are barbell rows.  These are great for increasing the total thickness of the back which is then going to create the illusion of a smaller waist.  Since this is the goal for some people, it's likely an added benefit you'll get in addition to their high calorie burn. Barbell rows can also be performed with a set of dumbbells if you prefer and are working out in a home gym instead.


Finally, the last exercise to add in that will help to burn fat fast are burpees.  While this exercise isn't especially going to be good for developing a high amount of strength, it is definitely going to get your heart rate up higher so will be very beneficial to help you lose body fat. Burpees are a one of the most effective fat burning exercises to perform in between your sets of your usual lifts so consider adding them to your routine in that manner.

So there you have the most effective exercises.  Make sure that you have a good look over your workout program and include all of these in there. One could only perform these exercises when faced with a tight schedule and still workout nearly every muscle in their body.

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