Get skinny fast is a hugely sought after goal for women all around the world - it's what we see in magazines and televisions. Impossibly thin bodies with almost zero body fat and a lack of bulk. Some women seem to have this physique naturally, and even eat whatever they want and still maintain the look. Others have to work towards being skinny, unfortunately. In this post, we will explore how to get skinny fast safely including one must-know exercise that burns a high amount of calories fast!


Cardio: The Key To Getting Skinny Fast

To slim down fast your need to perform lots of cardio.

Whether it be running, swimming, biking, or dancing - workout all your body and increase your heart rate, which will increase your metabolism and burn a higher percentage of fat and calories. Contrary to popular belief, to lose fat you cannot do specific exercises to target specific areas, that doesn't work like that. Exercises that increase your heart rate will cause your body to burn fat stores, provided there is a calorie deficit.  And that's the simple easy basic truth to getting skinny and fat loss. it's really a simple mathematical calculation. If you calories burned each day are more than your caloric intake, you will lose weight and fat!


Here are the best exercises for burning calories:



There are two types of people - those who know what burpees are, and those who have no idea. But chances are, you have seen someone do it at the gym. Burpees help you get skinny fast by engaging many body groups at one time, in a high intensity fashion. To perform a burpee from a normal standing pose, drop down to a push-up pose (without lowering yourself all the way), then bring your legs up to your stomach and kick yourself back to standing position, then doing a push-up and jumping your feet back to your hands, and finally then jumping up in the air and reaching your hands over your head. 


Cross Country Skiing

The first time I tried cross-country skiing was in the Adirondack Mountains and it was an amazing experience! Beautiful pine trees engulfed in pretty white snow. The cross-country skiing center was a simple one, no 

cross county skiing get skinny fast

fancy lodges or amenities, but it gave me one of the most intense fat burning workouts that shredded calories very fast! I was there for 4 hours and I was so hungry I ate two huge cheese burgers with two orders of fries. Cross-country skiing because of it is movement form forces you to engage many parts of your body at once. It is also low impact so it isn't as harsh to joints as downhill skiing - it's also much cheaper typically. Sure, you will need snow and a cold climate, so if you are near a cross-country skiing area, we recommend you give it a try. 

Besides the benefits of losing fat fast (if you do not eat two cheeseburgers like me!) is the serene setting it often provides. It will be like a day in a dream - so peaceful, so calm, you'll love it!

Hill Workouts

What does hill workouts mean and how does it help you get skinny! Well you can add hill or elevation to many different workouts. This includes jogging, cross-country skiing (going up a hill on cross-country skiing requires even more work than normal cross country skiing, and that's a lot!), or biking for examples. Hills force your body to exert much more strength to deal with the gravity to propel your body up - your glutes will do much more work and moderate hills can easily burn 10% more calories. Try it on the treadmill and see for yourself - you'll notice calorie burn is much higher. 

get thin fast running hills



Probably the easiest to do and not dependent on equipment or travel, jogging can be done anywhere and almost any times (we do not recommend jogging on ice or in extreme weather) for ultimate convenience. Plus it's free if you wish to run outside. Jogging burns many calories and and you can easily incorporate hills for added intensity. Consider purchasing some must have gym accessories to make your run better (such as this accessory which is proven to make your workouts better!). We recommend moderate jogging to avoid long-term damage to knees and joints as impact of pavement can be bad for you if you run too much. Sprinting during jogging can be a good way to add intensity. 

Jump Rope

Now if you’re problem is the opposite where it’s not fat you have on your legs, but muscle, then it is more important to do exercises that slim your legs instead of bulking them up more. If you feel your legs look disproportionate from the rest of your body then you need to be doing exercises that use light weights or no weights at all. Examples of exercises you can do at home with no weights include heel raises, squat jumps; jump lunges, jump rope, wall chair, single calf raise, and bent over calf raise. Jump rope is great as you can buy a cheap jump rope and take it with you while traveling, and its cheap to buy - did we mention it is one of the HIGHEST calorie burning exercises you can perform, making it the must-know exercise? Here are some jump ropes you can buy now. 

getting skinny fast jump rope

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a wonderful exercise that is relatively newer to the casual fitness scene. Indoor rock climbing facilities have made this sport more accessible and safer. Rock climbing is wonderful because it is now more friendly to beginners with classes and coaches widely available. Besides being great for people with back problems, rock climbing engages the legs, back, glutes and arms very strongly depending on what you are climbing. We recommend purchasing an introduction session with a experienced rock climber to teach you the basics and trying out rock climbing for a month (many facilities offer a monthly pass) - it's a great way to shake up your routine. 

burn fat fast indoor rock climbing


Rowing is another great exercise that engages many muscle groups to turbocharge your fat burning rate easily. With rowing, you engage your legs, shoulders, back, and arms. Rowing does not have to be done in a canoe either, almost every gym offers a rowing exercise machine where you can adjust weights. If you are more adventurous, you can do the real rowing. Those with back issues should carefully perform the exercise, and those with no issues should perform the exercise carefully - be sure not to round the back when performing the exercise or execute it with too much weight. Start out at the gym before signing up to row in the ocean! 

burn fat women rowing



Ever see an olympic sprinter? They have the most toned bodies - a perfect combination of muscle and definition. This is because sprinting involves extremely high energy requirements. Sprinting does not only apply to running, you can sprint while swimming or jump-roping. Sprinting means you push yourself to performing the exercise as fast as possible. This should be done in short bursts of time, and then alternating to normal pacing. If you are just starting to become more physically active then you should gradually build yourself up to performing exercises in this style. 


Swimming is a no-brainer! If you are looking to get skinny fast, this may be one of the best exercises. Swimming works out just about every muscle group, plus it poses little risk to joints given there is no impact return as there is with running on pavement. You can use different swimming stokes to focus on particular areas. Sure, you will need access to a pool but finding a gym is easy with, and well worth any extra cost. The cardiovascular benefit is amazing and no one can argue with a swimmer's body. Swimming will rev up your calorie burning rate quickly!

high metabolism exercise swimming

Tabata Training

Tabata are very intense workouts for people who do not have time. They were created by Dr. Izumi Tabata, and are known to be very challenging. They are essentially interval training - normally 20 seconds of extreme intensity to max out your heart rate, followed by a 10 second break. It doesn't sound like much, but the 20 seconds of exercise is meant to be done with your maximum effort. The goal is to do as many reps in those 20 seconds across six to eight sets, But after a few sets you will start fatiguing and lactic acid will fill your muscles making more sets increasingly difficult - this workout essentially gets you to failure faster which is essential for building muscle. To become thinner we recommend incorporating these exercises, with a balanced routine. 

women burn fat skinny tabata exercise


Weight Lifting: It Can Make You Skinny or Bulky

Here is where I am going to go against most of the fitness advice given today.

Most personal trainers will recommend heavy doses of weight lifting as well. Weight lifting is great as it keeps your body burning calories even after your workout is long finished. But your fitness routine should be primarily aerobic in nature. 

You see, weight bearing exercises build muscle, and if you build too much muscle your appearance will become bulky or big! If you are trying to be more skinny, than you will want to go easy on the weight (but do not cut them out completely!). 


Other exercises you can do with bodyweight include lunges, squats, and step ups. Exercises that can be done with machines at the gym include leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses, and hip abductors. If you prefer to use a machine be sure not to use too much weight because you do not want to build even more muscle.

Long distance running can transform the size and structure of your legs believe or not. This is because distance runners adapt to this form of endurance training by developing leaner muscular legs (even though the muscle type will predominantly remain the same). You may consider starting with one mile and then build up to five to ten miles during a training session. Remember let your legs carry you that extra mile and never give up!


Also it’s important to keep in mind that to get results you can not merely rely on exercise, and as mentioned above you must be watching your caloric intake for there to be any significant change in your physique. Remember diet and exercise go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other.

If you are currently on a high protein diet and have muscular physique, you may want to reduce the amount of protein intake, especially after long periods of cardio - which will help reduce the size of your muscles by giving them less protein then they actually need. Our bodies do not require high amounts of protein, especially after our younger years. 


Getting thin is not as simple as it sounds! It requires you to exercise with a focus on aerobic exercises that are high intensity (to accomplish goals faster) to increase calorie burn, and modifying your diet to eat cleaner to reduce calorie intake. Once your caloric intake is lower than what your body requires, then your body will start to shed fat. High protein diets are not necessary for those trying to simply get thinner, and a focus on muscle building exercises may make some people more bulky and complicate their goal of becoming thinner. Tell us what you think and what your experiences have been!

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