Your leg muscles are the largest and most important muscles in your body after your heart. If you play a sport you will notice that most of your power comes from your legs. Additionally, our legs carry us everywhere in life, keeping them in shape now is imperative for your future health and mobility as you age. For some though, legs cause anguish as they can sometimes be too big, due to fat development or even muscle development. We take a look at some of the ways to remedy this issue.

Thinner Legs - How Is It Done? 

To slim down your legs you need to perform lots of cardio. Whether it be running, swimming, biking, or dancing - all work your lower body and increase your heart rate making you burn a high percentage of fat and calories which will reduce whatever fat is on your legs. Also it’s important to keep in mind that to get results you can not merely rely on exercise, you must be watching your caloric intake for there to be any significant change in the size of your legs. Remember diet and exercise go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. cardio-thin-legs-run

Now if you’re problem is the opposite where it’s not fat you have on your legs, but muscle then it is more important to do exercises that slim your legs instead of building them more. If you feel your legs look disproportionate from the rest of your body than you need to be doing exercises that requires light weights or no weights at all. Examples of exercises you can do at home with no weights include heel raises, squat jumps; jump lunges, jump rope, wall chair, single calf raise, and bent over calf raise.

Other exercises you can do with bodyweight include lunges, squats, and step ups. Exercises that can be done with machines at the gym include leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses, and hip abductors. If you prefer to use a machine be sure not to use too much weight because you do not want to build even more muscle. If you are currently on a high protein diet and have muscular legs, you may want to reduce the amount of protein intake, especially after long periods of cardio - which will help reduce the size of your muscles by giving them less protein than they actually need.

Is Long Distance Running A Secret Way to Get Thin Legs? 

Long distance running can transform the size and structure of your legs believe or not. This is because distance runners adapt to this form of endurance training by developing leaner muscular legs (even though the muscle type will predominantly remain the same). You may consider starting with one mile and then build up to five to ten miles during a training session. Remember let your legs carry you that extra mile and never give up!

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