Looking to strengthen your core, increase stamina; improve your carriage and coordination all while having a blast? Well look no further than Irish Dancing. After personally having tried ballet, jazz, and lyrical I know that none even compares to the workout I get from Irish Dance.

Irish Dancing Workout - Dance Like the Riverdance Show and Get in Shape!

After only a half hour of Irish Dance I’m already winded and sweaty, proving that this dance style takes effort. It works everything from your core down to your calves and your overall fitness will improve greatly. Trust me in only a short while you’ll have dancer legs and even guys will envy your strong calf muscles.

The reasons for this is that in Irish Dance you are not allowed to move your arms away from your sides, unlike in all other forms of dance, making it twice as hard to do leaps, kicks, and jumps. Therefore, you must use your leg muscles to propel yourself into the air without falling over or losing your balance, because mind you, you have to do this all while up on your toes. It requires very strong leg muscles and usually you cannot move on to more advanced moves until you have built them up enough since they are that important in Irish Dance. Your core muscles will be utilized and strengthened as they are needed to attain height on the leaps you frequently see Irish Dancers perform where one leg is extended straight out in front of them whilst the other is tucked under their behind.

Irish Dancing Is A Fast Dance!feish

Irish Dance differs from others dances because not only can you not move your entire upper body but you also are dancing at a much faster pace than most other styles of dance, making for an intense calorie burning workout. Irish Dance challenges the body with its unique moves and styles, at first it’s very hard to dance while keeping your upper body completely stiff but after a while muscle memory kicks in and it becomes second nature.

With time you will become so good at Irish Dance that while performing other forms of dance you may actually find it difficult to get all the arm movements down as well as learning to relax your upper body. The easiest way to find an Irish Dance school near you would be to go online and look up nearby teachers with good experience.

If you are just looking to enjoy the cardio benefits of Irish Dance and are not planning on competing than you should aim to order an Irish Dance workout video online. Just make sure it’s made for beginners as you do not want to get in over your head. Remember to have fun with this, Irish Dance is a joyful, lively dance and it is meant to be shared so practice, practice, practice, and then show your friends what you’ve learned. Go n-eiri an t-adh leat! "Good luck."

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