If there’s something that hinders your weight loss program more than anything and can be hard to resist if you frequently are out on the town at night, its alcohol. Whether its beer, wine, or hard liquor - all take a toll on your body after a while even in small doses. Once you take that first sip it’s pretty hard to stop yourself after just one and that’s why sustaining from alcohol while out on the town is your best bet to avoiding potential weight gain.

Calories Counts Are High in Drinks, Especially Sugar Cocktails!

Not only do people not realize how many calories are in their drinks, but few even notice all the other stuff they consume such as fast food, wings, pretzels, popcorn, chips, etc which when all combined are can be disastrous for your waistline.

I think if the vast majority of people actually knew how many calories were in their alcoholic beverages they would not be as likely to consume them so much. Taking a look at the calories on average in the most popular beverages, it would take you about an hour worth of running, dancing, or boxing just to burn off several drinks. For instance, consider the amount of calories in these popular cocktails:

  • A Margarita has about 280 calories
  • A Martini 160
  • A chocolate liqueur martini will set you backno-alcohol-weight-loss 438 calories!
  • Pina Colada 378
  • Cosmopolitan 200 calories
  • Mojito 214
  • Vodka and tonic 200 calories
  • Rum and Coke 185 calories
  • White Russian 425 calories
  • Bloody Mary 118 calories
  • Mai Tai 350

And lastly, a Long Island Iced Tea with jaw-dropping 780 calories! Just one of these and you’ve already had more than half your daily calories for some people!

Beer and Wine Drinkers Fare Better than their Sugar Addicted Friends

If you’re more of a beer and wine drinker, don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors they still are pretty high up there. For instance:

  • One glass of red or white wine both are 120 calories
  • Port wine 128 calories
  • Beer has anywhere from 150-198 calories, with your light beer ranging from 95-136 calories

If you must drink I would only recommend having ultra light beer which has only about 64-95 calories or wine spritzer with about 100 calories. However I strongly recommend you avoid alcohol altogether - maybe order a club soda or simply water if you must have something in your hand.

Some tips that are useful to avoid alcohol in the first place would be to stay away from bars and establishments that serve alcohol but if you must go then bring someone you trust that can help you stay strong and not give into temptation. Bringing a buddy takes the pressure off you, and keep in mind that no one should ever pressure you into having a drink if you don’t want to.  People who are your real friends will respect your decision and you will feel happy knowing you are making the right decision for your body, health, and lifestyle.  Stay motivated and let nothing, not even alcohol stand in the way of your goals!


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