Tired of the same old workout routine with outdated dance moves? Well join the party and take a Zumba class and you’ll never look at working out the same way again! Zumba, the newest dance workout class to hit the scene is now being offered in gyms and dance studios all over the country! You’ll lose weight, and have fun while dancing to a latin beat! To all those who know and love dance and find it to be the best workout around, give Zumba a go and you will not be disappointed!

After enrolling in my first Zumba class I was hooked and so was everyone else in my gym - so much actually, that they needed to have more than one class because it was becoming so popular. Zumba which is the brainchild of Columbian-born dancer, Alberto "Beto" Perez who fused moves from several different latin dances and brought them together with a cardio theme to form the unique fitness dance style.zumba-class-cardio-fat-gym

Why Zuma is Unique and Helps Motivate You!

Zumba never gets boring because they regularly have different dance moves and songs that we dance to in class. I love how you learn several moves from salsa, cha cha, meringue, that tone and shape your abs and butt, yet it does not feel like work at all - just loads of fun! I also love how anyone can do it and it’s not very hard to pick up. The class is only an hour long but it goes by quickly! With Zumba I can just let loose and have fun and not worry not doing the moves right, which makes it great for all ages and ability. The music itself is fantastic, with a great latin beat and very uplifting atmosphere so I come out of class feeling energized and refreshed. I highly advise everyone to try Zumba even if they’ve never danced before, it doesn’t matter as Zumba is great for all skill levels!

Everyone in class is just there to have fun and not judge how well you can do the dance moves. It’s also great because latin dancing burns a tremendous amount of calories and works your core muscles like no other dance. After a month you’ll be able to shake it like Shakira and hopefully have abs to go with those hips shaking.

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