So you have added your gym to our website and/or recently claimed your listing? Good job! That is the first step!

To maximize your presence for more member signups and traffic you will want to:

  • Check contact details: Regularly check your contact information and make sure it is up-to-date - be sure to add an email address where you can receive inquires. Our visitors often use this functionality and may ask you questions about prospective membership! Other important fields are phone, website, gym pass, and classes links! 

  • Hours and amenities: Be sure to list your gym's operating hours and amenities such as pool, showers, classes and more. This will help make your gym stand out and prospective members can search more easily for amentities they are seeking! You can add your gym's unique amenities if not listed. 

  • Description/what makes this gym the best in the area: Be sure to add a detailed long description of your fitness club and what makes it a better choice than others in the area. This is your space to sell your gym and why someone should visit or join - this is not the area to skip or add sentence or two!

  • Add photos and videos: Finally, what better way to illustrate your fitness club than to show it! Adding photos and videos significantly improves your listing - second only to a description!

  • Fitness chain: Let visitors know if your gym is a part of a national franchise network (i.e. Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, Jazz Fitness)

  • Gym pass link: Add a hyperlink here to where members can get a free gym pass to try out your gym!

  • Classes: Add a link here so visitors can see your class schedule more easily.


To edit your gym listing including the fields above, follow the directions below:

  1. Make sure you are logged on to our website, if not click on 'My Account' on the top menu.
  2. Enter your login credentials when prompted.
  3. A new menu item will appear named 'Edit Gym Listing', click on this link.
  4. A new page will load, and show a list of gyms associated with your account that you may edit. To edit a gym listing, click the gear icon. (See image below). And then on 'Edit Listing'. 
  5. A new page will load with that gym listing's details.
  6. Be sure to fill out all fields, the more information, the better the listing will rank.
  7. Once you've finished editing, click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page.

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