• Best Ab Machines & Equipment

    If there's one goal that most people have in mind when it comes to their workout program, getting six pack abs is it! It seems as though almost everyone is craving a lean and firm midsection but yet few ever have success in reaching this goal. With the help of ab machines & equipmentyou can more easily focus on a proper diet which is going to be a must.  Unless you are performing the right ab exercises with proper dieting, it doesn't matter how much abdominal exercise you perform, you're still never going to be able to see the muscles.

  • Vegetarians Can Build Muscle

    I remember the first time I met someone who said they were a vegeterian - I was in shock! They seemed like a meat eater! He was big, tall and very muscular. When we mentioned he was a vegeterian it was almost a scene out of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where they question his diet! Contrary to popular belief gaining muscle through a vegetarian diet is not impossible. There are many professional bodybuilders who do not rely on animal protein and have amazing bodies!