World Gym Fitness Ctr

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10970 S Cleveland Ave
(239) 939-4080

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Poor customer service=LIARS!
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I hav been there since 1/12. 3 months of billing for gf and I, never a problem. All of a sudden gf's pymnt goes thru, but mines does not. Same card has been used all previos months, never a problem. Takes her pymnt, not mine. My bank tells me, its the merchant. Last month a confront Frank/Tom who said they dont have a merchant, they do the billing there. The said, it saying invalid card? It takes her, but not mines...same card! What do they do? Charge me $20 for a problem that is not even mine. I tell them, if the problems happens again, contact me, before you get trigger happy charging people's accts. Guess what happens this month. Same thing. Again, another $20 charge. After I hear hers go through, and mines didnt. I pay Frank my 10.60 in cash there. Days later charges me 10.60 plus 20.00 again. Obviuosly, not happy. I did get my money back, but they especially Frank LIeD once again. Now, when i ask for the printout about the details in te rejection, he says they have a merchant. Last month no merchant, this month they do. I tell him to call them so I can have an explanation, and he decides because he's caught in his lie and I called him out on it, he decides to terminate my contract. Sign of guilt. Then the man laughs in your face. Great service. Us customer keep you in business you fat little pig. You should laugh at your customers. How many other people this happens to who dont evencheck their account. Not only that, my 9 and 6 year old are in the daycare and the old man Tom yells at me to take my kids and leave, making them highly upset. This place is trash, and the only reason I was going there was for convience. Close to work, close to school. Frank is a liar!
Stay away from World Gym, go to LA Fitness, Gold's, or even Omni. World Gym just like Around the Clock in Cape Coral is runned by scammers making money of your well being. Sad that these people are human, and I have to share my Earth and air with them. Glad I dont have to go there!
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