Beyond Traditional Wellness Tavernier, FL Gym Review


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89240 Overseas Highway, Suite 2
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Operating Since
Hours of Operation
Friday 5:50–11AM, 3:15–7:30PM
Saturday 9–11AM
Sunday 9–10AM
Monday 5:50–11AM, 3:15–8:30PM
Tuesday 5:50–11AM, 3:15–8:30PM
Wednesday 5:50–11AM, 3:15–8:30PM
Thursday 5:50–11AM, 3:15–8:30PM
Health Club Amenities
BEYOND TRADITIONAL WELLNESS (BTW) is a Fitness Training center based in Islamorada, Florida. Our personal trainers educate clients on the importance of how and why the human body is built to move and function optimally. The BTW motto is Just Go! The benefits of fitness training are endless and learning how to train properly is priceless. Learn what it means to get into shape. Condition your body with strength building exercises tailored to your personal needs and learn the nutritional components to gain the edge in your life. You will receive a cross training regimen, a nutrition coach, personal attention and a strategic guide to achieving your fitness goals.

A traditional wellness center usually sells a lot of memberships and offers a wide variety of exercise equipment for people to use with little or no supervision.

Fitness training is truly an understanding of how health needs to be a priority in life. Striving for better health is worth it, even if you know you are going to be sore from working out. Learning some human anatomy and physiology during your warm-up and cool-down time, every training hour, will improve your overall appreciation of self, and your ability to advocate for healthier choices. BTW goes beyond offering an air conditioned space for clients to workout, we offer a chance to join the BTW FitFam and learn how to take control of your health and strive to “Just Go” and be your best self.
What makes this gym the best in the area?
BTW is different for several reasons.

BTW does not sell memberships. We offer commitment packages.

Our clients are always provided with critical supervision and personal attention.

Our mission is to build stronger, happier and healthier communities that cultivate accountability.

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