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2314 Asheville Hwy # F
(828) 692-7902

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I joined this gym for a year. They do advertise $20 a month, but I paid $34.95. If you want to be able to go to more than one location and come in before 7am and after 9pm and attend any classes, it is $15 more a month. I did have issues with people overnight leaving large amounts of weight on the equipment. I complained and Kevin told me there was nothing they could do about it. No cameras? Not even signs up? I just stopped using that stuff and moved on. I enjoyed the people there at the time that I went. Now my year is up and I have to cancel due to location circumstances. So per the contract, I send a certified letter to the address on the contract within my 30 days notice time. It was returned to me 3 weeks later, 3 deliver notifciations were left and it was unclaimed. The mail carrier said that they have piles of mail. They never pick their stuff up. So I called this morning to ask to fax it or drop it off. Kevin immediately got defensive and nasty with me. Told me just to send it cerified again, he always picks his mail up. And it better be within the 30 days. Told him that I still am and I had sent it 3 weeks ago. Was not comfortable with mailing again in case it happened again. I have to say that the majority of this conversation, Kevin had a serious attitude, continuously talked over me and then told me not to yell. He told me he didn't need me back there and he was happy that I cancelling among many other things. He was highly defensive and argumentative. I cannot recall the last time anyone has ever spoken to me like that and I was completely at a loss as to the problem. He would not work with me at all. No hand-delivery, no faxing. Can only sign EFT cancellation between 8:30 and 3:30 Mon-Thurs when I work 35 miles away. Won't fax form or let my husband pick up so I could take one long lunch opposed to two. Only could be done at furtherst locations, not the one close to my job. I honestly think he was doing all of that on purpose to make it harder on me. There are definitely other people out there that deserve our money. Not this guy. I was floored when I found out he is the owner. He is despicable. I had even said in my first letter that I wished him luck and I would return if things changed. Now I would NEVER go back. I don't even want to finish my last month there.

Also, I looked further into The Body Shop which is actually AKS Fitness, Inc. d/b/a The Body Shop Fitness Centers. The status with the Secretary of State is "suspended". You can go onto the Secretary of State website for NC and look it up. It has been suspended by the NC Department of Revenue since October 31, 2012. Any contracts and business done under the corporation name is not valid and also the owner is liable personally for anything that were to happen since the corporation is suspended. I am pretty sure that even means if you get hurt, the company cannot be held liable, you would have to hope Kevin has enough money for your medical bills. So if anyone wanted to cancel early, your contract isn't valid between October 31, 2012 and now so far. Call the Secretary of State and get confirmation for yourself. I did.

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