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2 Chestnut Ridge Rd
(201) 802-9399

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Customer Service Lacking..
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At first everything was okay but, that quickly changed over a short time, this gym has made me realize how horrible customer service is now days and how unwilling employees can be in resolving an a issue or meeting a client in the middle. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service at this gym with employees that are completely useless. There was several attempts to speak to all the GYM's (trying to find someone to help and know what exactly what they were doing- no such luck there!) we have went through everyone you could possibly imagine and they always gave us the run around saying they would have someone contact us- never got a phone call (in months) unless we called them to ask them what was happening regarding our membership. We have cancelled and will never return given the circumstances and I hope those who read this that you think twice before you sign up with these guys otherwise you might find yourself in a predicament you can't get yourself out of. They just want money, that's what's more important to them than building a good reputation with happy customers.
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great gym!
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i love this gym... it never that crowded, especially at night, and the machines and equipment are great... the place is always clean and they have great classes... a bit pricey but well worth it...
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