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205 Harmony Rd
(732) 671-4800

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By far the worst sports gym ever with great potential that will never happen !! The owners just don't care !! They'll lock u into a 18 month contract but wont fix a thing !! Attitude if you complain !! Dirty falling apart n locker rooms are OMG DIRTY with a lively smell of piss n shit !!!
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Falling Apart
User Rating 
Overall the place is falling apart. Half of the machines don't work. With so many broken machines, it is often difficult to get the machine you want. With, at best, only 5 treadmills working at any given time, there can sometimes be lines of people waiting. Nearly every elliptical has something broken on it, either the display/buttons or the tv.

They're supposedly renovating, but thus far have only made changes to the downstairs/MMA area (not really part of the gym) and haven't replaced any of the broken machines or TVs. They did replace the treadmills semi-recently, however they must have been refurbished or something because half of them were broken with 2 weeks.

On the positive sides, they have a pool, free wifi and a fairly large facility overall. Also, many classes are included in your membership, yoga, etc.
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Great Atmosphere, diverse classes
User Rating 
I have been to this gym for a few months membership, but I absolutely love the classes they offer. There's a variety to choose from, from yoga, to cardio, or spinning. The staff is always friendly and are willing to help you out. There is also plenty of equipment so you almost never have to wait for one. All in all, I would recommend this gym to anyone, it's great!
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