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7120 Wyoming Blvd NE # A
(505) 857-0123

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I was moved out of town on work at the last minute, to Houston TX; I work in the oilfields and I had a 2-day notice. Because of this, and trying to get my place packed up, clothes together, etc I was unable to personally come into the store and sign the cancellation. From Houston, I called and spoke with the manager at the Del Norte location, and was told that I could not sign it online, print and sign the form and mail it back, fax it back, or do anything except come in person to cancel. I called corporate and they basically said I was screwed, nothing they could do. So, I called CitiCard, as I was paying for my membership with credit card, and told them the situation. CitiCard then blocked charges from Sports and Wellness. Problem solved, right? WRONG! 3 months later, I got a notice in the mail that I was being sent to collections for $500 owed; some BS cancellation fee, late fees, etc, etc. Fortunately, I have a close friend who does personal injury law, and was able to get him involved and have the collections cancelled. That took 6 weeks of almost daily calls to and from myself, the lawyer and NM SW. That's just the administration and charges....Now for the gym itself.
The equipment is mediocre, definitely not what you would expect from the most expensive gym in the ABQ. Not enough free weights or machines. It is constantly crowded, with meat heads unwilling to share "their" machines while flexing at themselves in the mirror and flirting with the ever-present older women in tight clothes looking for young meat.
So long story short, if you want to be ripped off, use subpar equipment, treated rudely, and be in the middle of the "Meat Market" then this is your gym! Otherwise, stay away.
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Run away to another gym.....
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Their contracts are close to the marriage agreements that cell phone companies give you. They have so many hidden fees and the associates that sign you up will leave so many things in the grey area and basically tell you what you would like to hear, even after thorough questioning. Paying 70+ dollars a month not including the 300 dollar sign up fee just to start the membership is a waste of money considering what you can get from Defined Fitness and Planet Fitness. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place, it will turn into a headache (and a credit report problem).
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Not worth it
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Overall they offer a wide range of machines, classes and facilities. They are the most expensive gym in town and they love to charge for "extras." Beware all the hidden fees, and I have also had my membership randomly cancelled by corporate as a mistake and then had to pay for a new card, activation fee etc and it was THEIR fault. Honestly, if I hadn't received such a good corporate discount I would never have joined. The crowd is pretentious and the staff is rude.
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