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(724) 941-7270

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Lowest of low trainer
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I would NOT train there every again, the lowest of low the trainer tried to make the moves on me, invited me back to the locker room.
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I worked out here for a long time. THe trainer is very knowledgeable however, he gets to personal with his female clients. He is a real sweet talker and gets their attendtion quickly. From the years that I had been there, I think he probably had sex with 90% of his female clients. There would be girls in and out of the locker room frequently. Anyone from flight attendants to home makers. He didn't care, if they would be with him is all that mattered. He would have them right in the gym. The locker room was very busy. His girlfriend who worked there has been none to join in with them....I wss told she initiated it at times. He is good.....the girls just fall for him and they all think they are the only one....if they only of many!!!
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I belonged to the gym when they were located in Peters. They relocated to Houston, PA. The owner/trainer has a reputation of getting involved with his female clients. He is a great trainer but has know respect for woman. He uses them, expects them to have sex with them. Those who believed him and accepted his charm, would meet him in the locker room where they would do various things....thats were everything took place. Everyone that worked out there knew what was going on, except for his girlfriend who worked there. She participated at times too.....there are other places to train....go elsewhere especially if you are a female.
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