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100 Forbes Ave
(412) 201-4653

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Extremely dissatisfied -unfair business practices established by Gold’s Gym Pittsburgh, PA franchise and Nick Sciulli. Gold’s Gym has established unfair and unreasonable business practices which enable them to make recurring charges to credit cards they have on file without customer authorization. I signed paperwork to have my account frozen as I was no longer using the service and I also contacted the Gym to confirm that I was no longer using the membership. I was mislead with the paperwork I signed and unbeknownst to me, Gold’s Gym was able to start charging my credit card again with no advance notification. When I contacted Nick Sciulli regarding the erroneous charges to my card, he acknowledged that I have not used the service and that I froze my account. However, he stated the paperwork I signed gives Gold’s Gym the right to begin charging me again after a period of time and does not require them to notify me of that practice. As such, Gold’s Gym began billing me WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION – not even an email or phone call as a courtesy to inform me of their billing practice. I immediately requested that I be removed from all Gold’s Gym databases and my credit card information removed from their records. I was told that I can’t make such a request without sending a formal written letter and signing paperwork in person. I find this business practice completely unfair and biased to the benefit of Gold’s Gym so they can charge you as long as possible. They have represented that the legal language in their paperwork enables them to do this, yet they are not holding themselves to the same standard they hold their customers to. I MUST SIGN PAPERWORK AND WRITE FORMAL LETTERS TO REQUEST CANCELATION & PROVIDE 30 DAYS NOTICE, YET GOLD’S GYM DOESN’T PROVIDE ANY FORMAL BILL, WRITTEN NOTIFICATION OF THE REACTIVATION OF CREDIT CARD CHARGES, OR SIMPLY A PHONE CALL OR EMAIL TO NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER – LET ALONE 30 DAY ADVANCE NOTIFICATION OF THE RIGHT TO CHARGE YOUR CARD. I am convinced this practice has been established so they can charge customers without their knowledge and steal monthly fees from unknowing customers until the customer uncovers it. This is an unacceptable business practice and I am taking the time to write this complaint in hopes they will not be able to continue to do this to other unknowing customers.
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