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1659 E 1400 S
(801) 825-7629

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3.1  (12)
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Worst Gym in Layton UT
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The staff is friendly, however from the manager up...IT IS A NIGHTMARE! The manager, Karen, will do anything to rob you blind. They say one thing and then try to do another and try to blame you, stating that she never said whatever. Make sure that if you decide to do business with this gym that you get everything in writing. I am glad I did, as it saved my butt and pocket book. Best beware though, the gym is filthy and the equipment is old junk. They got new free weights, but refuse to fix the broken equipment that they have. Oh and if you want to watch TV on one of the machines you are using, good luck...most of them do not work. I have been there for a couple years and one of the bathroom stalls was broke for over a year before they fixed it. If it is not one thing with this gym, it is 10 others.
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Don't sign up!
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This is just about the worst gym I have ever frequented. The customer service is terrible, the personal trainers are unfriendly and have no real training, and the management is rarely available to answer questions or concerns. Be careful when signing up for a contract with this place as they have fine print that makes it nearly impossible to cancel your automatic payment and billing (they basically have provisions that allow them to steal your money for several months after you cancel). The equipment isn't maintained they hours are terrible, and inconsistent (the only way to find out if the hours have changed is to show up and hope that they are open since the website doesn't show ACTUAL club hours.
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I wouldn't even like to give the staff a one. Ya, the gym is nice, it isn't crowded. But heaven forbid you have to get out of the "no contract" I moved and tried cancelling my account three months ago and have been charged every month since. Calling each month and being told it will be taken care of. I was accused of lying about sending an email, that she apparently didn't get. It is a joke, they will do anything to get another month out of their member's account. I was warned about committing to this gym and I didn't listen and I should have.
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I was going over the comments and saw that they were outdated when making a decision to join. I was referred by a friend because of the change in management that occurred a couple months ago. He gave me a few reasons why I should join. Right off the bat the new management replaced all of the TV's everyone is talking about (they were burned out by a lightening strike or something). They've replaced the bulbs in the tanning salon, fixed most of the equipment issues, audio issues, and most of all THEY FIXED THE AC! The staff respond quicker to problems because they now have the support they needed to make things happen. Since I joined I've come to know the staff and I think they genuinely care about their customers. It's good to see positive change, and I'm glad I didn't have to deal with some of those past issues.
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Who knew?!?
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Being a woman who has always struggled with weight, I have always been intimidated and overwhelmed of going to a gym. I heard about a 90 day program that was offered at Perfomax and i took a chance. Thank god I did!
My trainer, Kim, is absolutely amazing! Don't let her small stature fool you, as she will kick your butt while being completely motivating.
Who knew I could become one of those people who loves going to the gym?!? But I totally am.
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