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Think Twice...
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I have been a member of this gym for quite some time. However, over the recent 5-6 months this gym has gone down hill exponentially. For example, the sauna in the men's bathroom has been broken for over 6 months and no one in management seems to want to fix it or give a timeline. This is amazing because they try to use this as a selling technique to get you to join the gym. They also have a treadmill and stair stepper that has been broken for quite some time now, the water fountain upstairs does not work and no one is ever fixing the equipment. They always have 3-5 employees working at the front desk, however none of them clean up the weights people leave lying on the floor (These people are everywhere, but clubs have the staff to help the idiots keep their gym nice!). The free-weights are always in the wrong order and most have the name plate with how many pounds the dumbbell is, ripped off so it's a guessing game on how much it weights. The wonderful deal they started in January has made the gym even worse (13.50/month). This has signed up people who do not know how to use weights properly, the ones that take up six machines and go through them sequentially, and now between the hours of 3-6:30ish the gym is packed and impossible to get anything done without waiting!! It was a great idea for management to get more people in the door but it has put a sour taste in a lot of the members' mouth. With more people come more problems and requires maintenance on the machines that this management/owner team are not committed to fixing. They have displayed this time after time like the sauna and countless machines that have been broken for months. The staff here is quite worthless, because if they aren't trying to hit on everything that moves, they are sitting behind the bar and not cleaning or putting away the weights properly. Please think twice before joining this gym. And if you are management or staff personnel reading this try to take these and the countless complaints you have received to heart and fix something!! I feel bad I have to at least give you 1 star...
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I must be at the wrong gym
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First off I have to say I must be at a different gym than the rest of the reviews I am seeing.
I am not here to say that Performax is the best gym ever but by no means is this place like everyone else is saying. I have gone to this gym at all hours and have never seen it over crowded. Even when the parking lot is full I have never run into an issue of getting on the equipment that I need. Maybe this comes from my years of dealing with Base facilities that are wall to wall people.
Next issue I have to address is the cleanliness. The floors are clean and I have been around a few times when they are picking up and cleaning equipment. Now all the equipment isn't perfect but by now means is the equipment unusable. Only a couple dumbbells have lost name plates but really if you can't compare size you my friend have issues, and again I've used the rack and I think maybe 2 times have a caught a dumbbell without a name plate.
The TV's are the only issue I could really say anything about. It seems like they are hardly ever on but again I am not at the gym to watch TV so I don't care.
The programs are great and lead by some really great people. As for the staff they have always been helpful and willing to help me in any issue that I have.
By no means am I some gym rat that lives at the gyms around town but in my time there I have been treated well and met some great people.
Please take advantage of the trial issue and see this gym for yourself.
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Don't sign up!
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This is just about the worst gym I have ever frequented. The customer service is terrible, the personal trainers are unfriendly and have no real training, and the management is rarely available to answer questions or concerns. Be careful when signing up for a contract with this place as they have fine print that makes it nearly impossible to cancel your automatic payment and billing (they basically have provisions that allow them to steal your money for several months after you cancel). The equipment isn't maintained they hours are terrible, and inconsistent (the only way to find out if the hours have changed is to show up and hope that they are open since the website doesn't show ACTUAL club hours.
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Not a bad place to work-out.
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Admittedly, I just started my membership with this gym. First, I live around the corner so I don
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