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There have been many times that I’ve gotten scammed because of lack of research on my part but when I join a gym I’m not expecting to be hussled. Well that’s what happened when I joined Lady Fitness in Pleasant View, UT which is also associated with the one in Layton, UT.
My friend worked at the front counter so when she told me about a great special going on at the gym I thought about joining. I was hesitant because I knew my husband and I would be relocating but we weren’t really set on a set time and for all we knew it could take another year before we found something. When I explained my concerns to my friend she said that we could cancel anytime if it was for relocation reasons and there wasn’t a Lady Fitness around. I would be charged a $50 cancellation fee but that would be it. So I decided to get myself a gym membership and I even referred my friend to get a membership which now I regret. I was supposed to get six months extra at the gym as well for free and someone was supposed to contact me about it but that didn’t happen.
When I signed up the process went like this: pick a package, sign the electronic line, an email will be sent to you and there you are ready to start, except I never got an email so I called the company to tell them, still never got one. Well in November my husband and I found a home so I called National Fitness which is the company that handles Lady Fitness’ billing to find out the procedures to cancelling my membership since we were moving and I wanted to make sure I followed the process correctly. I’ve been in gym management before so I know there are very direct steps to follow to cancelling a membership. The guy I spoke to was friendly and just said that all I needed to do was send a proof of my first mail, had to be a utility bill of some sort verifying my new address. So in December that’s what I did. At first I tried to fax it but it wasn’t working so I called for the address to mail it. I figured it was in Layton so it shouldn’t take long. When I spoke to the girl she said it would take 7 to 10 days before I heard back. So I waited and waited. Finally I called them and said hey I mailed you my barcode and my letter but I haven’t heard a thing. They said, Oh we never got. From Herriman, UT to Layton, UT and they never got my letter? Right! The girl proceeds to tell me that I’m still going to be charged an equipment fee for that month because my membership can’t be cancelled until they get proof and the cancellation happens when they verify my proof. When I first called the guy told me that it would be cancelled starting the day that was on the billing because technically I was already moved by that date if my utilities were turned on then? Makes more sense that way doesn’t it? But not this girl, she was telling me something completely different. They can take their sweet time and pick any day they want to cancel it because they “lost” your letter.
Here’s the best part, the girl says why don’t you just go online and submit the cancellation letter and proof on our website? What!? I could have saved myself a month, an equipment fee, the time out of my life it took to call customer service and just uploaded it online. Why didn’t they tell me that to start? (because they don’t cancel your membership until they verify your proof, hmm) So now I uploaded my proof and waited another ten days to call and verify it was all cancelled. The girl on this conversation tells me, “Well it looks like your proof is valid and everything checked out but we can’t cancel your membership because you only sent one proof and you need two.” WHAT?! Why didn’t the last three people I spoke to tell me that I needed to send two proofs? Why would I send one proof and not two when I clearly moved and have plenty of proofs to supply? Why would their internet system where you can upload your proofs only have one spot to upload to and not two spaces? (because they don’t have to cancel your membership until they have verified everything). So I finally demand to speak to a manager because now I’m mad. She doesn’t pass me to anyone but tells me “You can be mad all you want but everyone here knows that you need two proofs,” apparently not lady. That’s when I hung up before I expressed my true anger on the wrong person.
So I went back on the site and sent them THREE proofs just in case this time and expressed how I have already told friends about how I’ve been treated and how unhappy I am about this whole experience and how rude this last girl was. Another ten days to wait and I call them today.
This girl on the phone tell me that they received everything, have cancelled my membership but because I paid in full I am not eligible for my money back. This is where my anger reached new heights. I went thru months of dealing with these people. Time away from my kids to get mail, upload it write cancellation notices, mail notices, wait on hold only for them to tell me that they are going to steal my money anyhow. I can see if I was lying or trying to cheat them out of something but I had a legitimate reason. I moved and they don’t have a gym by me. I could have transferred my membership, something to maybe help someone else out but no. They wasted my time, took my money and treated me like crap while they did it. I’ve been a gym manager, a yoga instructor, a personal trainer and right now I’m trying to train for a fitness competition in April. I love working out but I will never work out at a place that associates themselves with National Fitness who treats their patrons with such disrespect. I will also never join a gym that doesn’t go thru the contract with you when you sign with them. I suggest that anytime you join a gym you either do the month to month and you demand to sit with them and go thru the contract before you join. I hope to save someone else the trouble I went thru.
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