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I must be at the wrong gym
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First off I have to say I must be at a different gym than the rest of the reviews I am seeing.
I am not here to say that Performax is the best gym ever but by no means is this place like everyone else is saying. I have gone to this gym at all hours and have never seen it over crowded. Even when the parking lot is full I have never run into an issue of getting on the equipment that I need. Maybe this comes from my years of dealing with Base facilities that are wall to wall people.
Next issue I have to address is the cleanliness. The floors are clean and I have been around a few times when they are picking up and cleaning equipment. Now all the equipment isn't perfect but by now means is the equipment unusable. Only a couple dumbbells have lost name plates but really if you can't compare size you my friend have issues, and again I've used the rack and I think maybe 2 times have a caught a dumbbell without a name plate.
The TV's are the only issue I could really say anything about. It seems like they are hardly ever on but again I am not at the gym to watch TV so I don't care.
The programs are great and lead by some really great people. As for the staff they have always been helpful and willing to help me in any issue that I have.
By no means am I some gym rat that lives at the gyms around town but in my time there I have been treated well and met some great people.
Please take advantage of the trial issue and see this gym for yourself.
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