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Let me start off by saying the staff alone, is the biggest reason to avoid this gym. The management sucks, and doesn't feel the need to do anything productive in this gym. I was a member for a year there and just recently left. The equipment is NEVER being sanitized or cleaned off. The weights are always a left laying around and not put in proper order, and EVERYTHING is always broken!!! None of the dumbbells have the numbers that state the weight on the sides, so good luck guessing! Just about every single piece of cardio equipment is broken and not to mention I've only seen maybe 2 t.v.s work in the whole building. The sauna has been broken for years and all the sales staff like to say it's going to be fixed. IT'S NEVER GETTING FIXED. So don't buy into their arrogant B.S!! I would highly advise NO ONE join this gym. The staff is filled with A-holes, the equipment is ALL broken and never going to get fixed, and this gym just flat out sucks!
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