Finding a gym can be difficult! Often there are a few gyms and health clubs near you but it takes time to review and visit each gym. The Local Gyms Near Me™ automatically locates gyms near you fast and easily. 

The Gyms Near Me locator uses your IP address to graphically display nearby gyms below. This works well when you are using our website from the area you are seeking a gym - but not so well if you are away from the location where you are seeking a health club or gym. In this case you should manually search for gyms and health clubs by entering an address in the textbox below within the map - you can enter a specific street address, or just a city/state or zipcode. For more help, scroll below the map.

Find and Review Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Remember to visit our homepage to search for your gym or health club by entering your zip code, and then rate and review it! It's a great to way make your voice heard on what you think of the gym and encourage gym managers and owners to take your feedback seriously by sharing it for everyone to read. Our members report that their feedback left on our website has prompted health clubs to take action!

Best Forearm Exercises

Trying to build your forearm and wrist muscles? Learn about the best forearm exercises in our helpful guide so you can build those arms up and add muscle mass safely and easily at the gym or home!


Adding markers to the map ...

Once the gyms and health clubs near you have loaded you can click on the map to further refine your results and see which gyms are nearby and see what amenties and features they have. For more instructions on how to use the Gyms Near Me locator,  please scroll down below the map.

The Gyms Near Me map will display gyms and health clubs within a three mile distance radius by default. If you can not locate any gyms or health clubs, it is because they likely do not exist within this radius. You can search manually for health clubs and gyms by using our distance search system and increase the distance of the search radius to cover a larger area.

When the Gyms Near Me map is loaded with results, they will appear as red bubbles, with each bubble representing a health club or gym. A blue colored bubble means that the gym is featured on our website. 

If there are many gyms in a relatively small area, the map may display a cluster with a number. If the Gyms Near Me map shows a cluster with 10, it means there are ten gyms in that area - and to see them all indivdiually you will need to zoom in the on the map, using the controls on the right.