Having trouble finding a gym? You can easily locate a gym in your area or rate and review one. Simply follow the steps below to find a gym.

1. At our homepage (accessible by clicking our logo), enter the address of the gym you wish to find, or the area where you are searching for gyms. 

2. Click the 'Search' button.

3. Once you've found your gym you can rate it, by clicking on the "Write Review" link from the search results, or by using the "Add New Review" button located on the gym's listing. 


So if you were trying to search for "John's Gym" in "San Diego, CA", you would enter the following:

  • "San Diego, CA" in the search box.

Although rare, yet possible, if the gym has just opened it may not be listed in our database yet. If you can not locate your gym, fitness, or health club on our website, please click here to add it.

Find and Review Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Remember to visit our homepage to search for your gym or health club by entering your zip code, and then rate and review it! It's a great to way make your voice heard on what you think of the gym and encourage gym managers and owners to take your feedback seriously by sharing it for everyone to read. Our members report that their feedback left on our website has prompted health clubs to take action!

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